Tuesday, January 31, 2012

What's Your Favorite Myth?

There are a lot of fanciful stories out there. Some are horrible, some are mildly educational, most haven't even a grain of truth. My particular favorite has to be "The Elephant's Child", from Kipling's Just So Stories. I could tell you about the fanciful explanation of how the elephant got his trunk. I could tell you about terrible parenting (spanking a curious child to shut him up). I could tell you about an incidental and excellent Aesop (a curious child gains knowledge by experience and evidence). But the simple fact is I like it because of this guy.

My friend Doug used to have a copy of the story narrated by Jack Nicholson. Just thinking of him saying "The great gray-green greasy Limpopo River" takes me back to that maroon, wood-paneled Dodge mini-van.

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