Thursday, January 26, 2012

Mantic Wednesday 3

Okay, so I don't have too much to predict. It's not like too much has changed.

Except that now Newt Gingrich is in the running for reals. Isn't this a guy whose campaign already imploded once? How is this happening? Greg Laden explains it well.

Gingrich represents the Republican Party ... because Gingrich is a stupid hateful hypocrite who is as mean spirited as a rabid dog, and a racist shit.


Frankly, this is true. The Republican Party, thanks to 50 solid years of race-baiting and fear-mongering and kowtowing to the ignorance of the worst of America has become the party for racist, white fundamentalists. Go to a Tea Party rally and you won't see any black faces, though you may see someone, with no sense of irony, in blackface.

So, do I have a prediction? Who will win the Republican nomination? Romney is a stupid hypocrite who's completely out of touch with the American people. Newt Gingrich is a stupid, racist, rabid hypocrite who's completely out of touch with anyone who's not a racist Christian. Romney is a Mormon. Gingrich is an evangelical of some kind.

My fondest hope is that Gingrich wins. I really, really, want it to happen. I want it to be true that that's likely, so it's suspect.

I know Gingrich is going to do well in the South and Midwest, and I know he can do well in the primaries (see above re: party for racists). I'm absolutely certain he can't win the general election. Therefor I suspect he's going to start getting some very, very strong pressure to back down from people in the party with half a brain. Being a rabid ass-hat, I don't think he'd back down gracefully, and certainly not without the promise of a big appointment, which promise would have to be off the books.

Pretty much just thinking out loud, here.

Okay, here's my prediction. Gingrich is going to do very well for a few more primaries and he's going to refuse to back down. In order to keep him from completely destroying the Republican chance of victory (not high in any case) this fall, the Republican leadership are going to circle the wagons around Romney and do everything they can to destroy Gingrich before he becomes unstoppable.

I suspect this may even happen before the Florida primary happens.
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