Monday, January 23, 2012

Sun's Day: Martin's Death Count

On Sunday's I read a chapter of George RR Martin's incredibly slow-coming Ice & Fire opera. And I'm also keeping a death count.

A Game of Thrones
Prologue: Two members of the black watch killed by Others.
First Chapter: One member of the black watch executed by Ned Stark for breaking oath and fleeing the Wall (because of the Others).
Second Chapter: Jon Arryn, Hand of the King, *SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS*apparently dead of wasting illness, in fact killed by the Queen for learning of her incestuous sex with her twin brother.SPOILERS OVER

Total: 4 dead.

I knew this would be appropriate for Sundays. Three weeks, three people dead, and one in the bank for next week in case he doesn't kill anyone.
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