Friday, May 25, 2012

Like OMG, Facebook DRAMA! Only not.

Not mine, personally. Hell, not even a friend's. Just, you know, in general.

When want to I see the funny, I go to The Meta Picture. Mostly, it's just funny pictures. Occasionally they bring the adorable. Once in a blue moon, they think racism is hilarious1. Once a week they throw out the same old misogyny. It helps that half their audience is 16-year old morons.

This particular concept pops up every so often: girl posts about having a bad day, but doesn't want to talk about. Implication: Irony! She's talking about what she doesn't want to talk about! Truth: teenage boys are fucking ignorant.

In the past I've just sort of thought, "Oh, teen drama, not funny then, not funny now." Then a friend posted something on facebook that let me put it in context and suddenly it all snapped into place. She's a friend from grad school, married, with an infant. All she said was "in serious need of prayers right now. any would be appreciated. thanks so much!" and immediately got an out-pouring of support, with no one asking what happened. No drama. Just someone having a bad day, wanting some support, and getting it. End of story.

That's all it is, and that's what the Meta dipsticks don't understand. It's about feeling a negative emotion, acknowledging it, expressing it, getting support, and moving the hell on. It's a healthy way of dealing with emotion. Dwelling on the negative emotion by obsessively going over the details? Not so much with the healthy. Of course, the only way to communicate that to 16 year old jackasses is in meme form. So all we need is someone with photoshop.

I don't always have bad days, but when I do, I don't want to talk about it, I just want a hug from a friend.

1 - Seriously, anti-ginger prejudice is a thing. People get the shit kicked out of them for having red hair.
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