Sunday, April 30, 2006

Homeopathy. Bunk.

[quote="A person"][quote="Another person"]
If your healing is triggered by something 'not physical' then why do you need to buy a bottle of it?

I do believe in the, so called, "magic feather" effect - but I would never try to take advantage of someone else by trying to [b]sell[/b] them a magic feather.[/quote]

"my healing" is no different from yours (barring physiological chemical differences)... and I don't [b]need[/b] to buy a bottle of it.

Just because the original physical ingredient is no longer traceable, does not mean there is no link to the "essence" of the ingredient (see: homeopathy) [/quote]

Man, I was thinking I'd scan this and go to bed, but I just have to respond.

If water were to somehow retain some "essence" of those items it has had contact with, then water retains the essence of far more than just those items homeopathic practicioners add to it. Let's try, for example, urea. Yeah. Fish piss. All the time. Every bit of water you touch has been in contact with piss. And piss is bad for you. There's really no two ways about it. Either it's uric acid, bad. Or ammonia, also bad.

How about shit? Feces. Like the stuff monkeys throw. That's full of bacteriat would love nothing more than infect you and, unfortunately, kill you. Pungi stakes are a relic of Vietnam. Yeah, they'd dig holes and fill them with sharpened wooden stakes and smear those stakes with coprolitic material. Those stakes would cause minor injuries that would then get horrifically infected. Yeah. Fish shit, too. Water has come into contact with piss and shit over and over nonstop for billions of years. And yet... somehow, drinking water doesn't kill us. Despite the fact that water somehow retains a kind of "essence" of piss and shit.

And I don't think you can claim that we're somehow immune to the essensical effects of piss and shit because urine and feces lead to, for example, cholera.
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