Thursday, May 26, 2005


Calley, my new kitty.

You can't see it, but she's .... special. She's half grey tabby and half orange tabby.

I don' know how to describe it, but where you see orange is where she's basically an orange striped tabby. Where you see grey she's a grey striped tabby. She's "called" calico, but it's like she's got two different types of tabby right there on her!

I've the coolest cat ever.

I've had a discussion with my older brother. Cats are traditionally "girls" pets and dogs are for guys, right?

Fuck that! Cats take care of themselves! Put down food, and make sure the toilet isn't the epitome of "covered with shit" and cats take care of themselves! And they can live without constant reinforcement!

With a dog, you have to be there all the time. Dogs are for girls, who need someone there all the time.

A cat is a guy's pet. They need minimal supervision.

Now, to go reassure my new cat. She's still worried tha ninjas will break in and steal her tuna. That's a sensible fear. I've annoyed many a ninja clan.

If you're in any way affiliated with my apartment complex, you're hereby forbidden to have read this.
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